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Child Abuse
Educational Challenges for children with ADD and ADHD


Child Abuse
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Child Abuse

Parents with mental illness and child abuse

What is your take on the correlation of the risk of children being abused by parents with a mental illness? 

What measures can be implemented to prevent abuse from occurring, or to protect a child that is currently abused?

Do you have any personal experiences that you would like to share regarding this topic?

Please only comment to the topic above. NO ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE!

According to a new study, a history of child abuse significantly impacts the wide range of challenges facing depressed parents/caregivers.

Educational Challenges for children with ADD and ADHD

This question is directed to parents of school aged children with ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADD -Attention Deficit Disorder
Does your child's school (public or private) provide reasonable accommodations to your child to aid him/her individually, according to their diagnosis?
What could be done differently?