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Children's Mental Health - How to Get Help
Parents often have a hard time determining if their kid's troubling behavior is typical of childhood or if it's a symptom of something more serious. We are here to help. Call us to schedule an consultation today.

  •       Behavior Modification    
  •       Outpatient Therapy     
  •      Transportation     
  •      24 hour crisis assistance      
  •       Psychotherapy      
  •       Psychiatric Consults 
  •       Medication Management 
  •      Family Therapy
Payments accepted: Medicaid, Medicare, Private pay
Program Overview
     Raising a child is not easy. If a child has a serious behavior problem, every step toward adulthood can be an uphill climb. For any family or single parent, the climb can seem overwhelming. So it's not unusual for parents of children with behavior problems to feel alone, helpless, and uncertain about which way to turn. New Transitions offer that outside support system to families in Baton Rouge, La and the surrounding areas.
     New Transitions Health is a community-based System of Care for children, adolescents, and teens with mental illness or behavior problems and their families. The program provides services and supports that increase the capacity for children with a mental illness or behavior problems that significantly interfere or disturb daily life. We acheive this by providing extensive behavior modification therapy to teach the child and their families to live, learn, and participate fully in their community.
Call 225-389-6697 to schedule a appointment today, or click here to request a consultant to contact you.